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Failure doesnt mean Game over

it means try again!

Game over

Game over

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Nukiknowws born on February 28th 1998 , Atlanta, GA, He is also known as DeShaun Perkins is an Esports gamer and gaming influencer. He makes gaming videos, streams on Twitch, and shares tips and strategies. He has recently turned his focus onto competing in Fortnite Battle Royale with over 100 hours of game-play in Matchmaking experience. Nukiknowws has some of the most popular gaming videos on YouTube, reaching over million subscribers soon.

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Nukiknowws, one of Florida’s top 12 most outstanding players, believes there are as many impediments to success outside of the game as there are within it. The life of a streamer necessitates a great amount of discipline and persistence. Because most of the money goes to the game, parents will not respect what you do, and fans will not understand when you fail. Despite its difficulty, competitive gaming is getting increasingly popular due to excitement, teamwork, and increased recognition of e-sports as a legitimate professional path.

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